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Manilkara kauki – Wongai (seed)

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Manilkara kauki is a plant in the Sapotaceae family and is the type species for the genus Manilkara. It occurs in tropical Asia from Indo-China (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) to Maesia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea); and also in northern Queensland in Australia. In Java, the plant is called sawo kacik, and is associated with the royal Javanese ritual. Throughout the world it is known generally by the name caqui, but in Australia it is called wongi or wongai.

The fruit of Wongi tastes very fine when fully ripe and is a bit like a date with a pear crispness. Our seeds come directly from Bamaga on Cape York, Australia.

Care and Cultivation of Manilkara kauki

Manilkara kauki seeds should be nicked slightly to aid germination. Sow in a well drained mix in full sun to part shade in hot conditions. I have a number of plants in the subtropics but further south it may not survive or will have to be kept inside over colder months.

5 seeds per packet


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