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Lycium barbarum – Goji Berry (seed)


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Lycium barbarum is a perennial member of the Solanaceae family, like so many of our other medicinal herbs. Also called Goji Berry or Duke of Argyll’s tea tree. The berries are very important in Traditional Chinese Medicine, being used as a general tonic. Consumption of up to 50g of berries a day is recommended. The berries contain amino acids (up to 5%), carotenoids and polysaccharides. The leaves contain withanolide A while the seeds are rich in triterpenes and steroidal triterpenoids.

Care and Cultivation of Lycium barbarum

Lycium barbarum seeds can be sown all year depending on climate, late winter to early spring is best. Sow just under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix. Once the seedlings emerge (7-14 days) they can either be thinned out or left until they are big enough to withstand transplanting. They can also be directly sown into the garden to avoid transplant shock, though lower germination results would be expected. Roots tend to be deep and long.

Full sun with adequate water. Shrub up to 3 metres with berries up to 2cm long. Likes sandy, well drained and slightly alkaline soil (6.8 – 8.1 pH), goji are drought tolerant once established. Plant in full sun for best berry production. Dislikes water logging. Plants begin fruiting once 2 years old and will produce heavy crops in the 4th to 5th year.

25 seeds per packet


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