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Leonotis leonurus – Lion’s Tail (seed)


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A perennial shrub, Leonotis leonurus grows to a height of approximately 1.5 metres with a spread of 1 metre. Beautiful flower spikes are produced in spring/summer with whorls of orange individual flowers containing a bitter-sweet nectar, the flowers being resinous. Also called ‘Wild Dagga’.

Traditionally this species has been used as a smoking herb. It is thought to contain compounds similar in structure and effect to THC from Cannabis. A blend of both the flowers and leaves is regarded as a good smoking blend.

Care and Cultivation of Leonotis leonurus

Plant Leonotis leonurus seeds just under the surface of a well drained mix and keep warm and in full sun if possible, keeping moist until germination in 2-4 weeks. Pot on when crowding begins.

Native to South Africa, it prefers a light to medium, well drained soil in an open sunny position. Drought tolerant but responds well to ample water over the warmer months.

10 seeds per packet

1 review for Leonotis leonurus – Lion’s Tail (seed)

  1. Jade

    planted this one 2 weeks ago in mini greenhouse and got them comming up nicely now. Just did a test with soaking them in normal and ga3 for 8 hours and planting.. see what my results are soon!

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