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Lactuca sativa v. augustana – Timor Lettuce (seed)

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Lactuca is a genus of about 100 species of annuals, biennials and perennials in the Asteraceae family. The word Lactuca comes from the Latin lac (milk) and refers to the milky latex which exudes from the broken plant and is the source of lactucarium. Common garden lettuce, Lactuca sativa, has been bred over many centuries to be lower in bitterness and sedative compounds.

Lactuca sativa v. augustana is also known as Celtuce but for us the name Timor Lettuce is important as it alludes to its tolerance of hot and humid conditions; something normal lettuce varieties are not fond of. The young leaves can be harvested and eaten like lettuce and have a taste like soft chicory. The older leaves are a bit more bitter but can be eaten and cooked like spinach. A great green leafy choice for warmer climates.

Care and Cultivation of Lactuca sativa var. augustana

Lactuca sativa v. augustana seeds can be either direct sown or first raised in pots. Lightly cover the seeds with soil or sand and keep moist until germination. Once the seedlings are big enough, they can be transplanted to the garden. Can grow to 2+m tall. Tolerant of humid and dry conditions and is a great choice for subtropical and tropical gardens.

25 seeds per packet


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