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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum)

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Fermented Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) powder. Our Kanna is prepared in the traditional way by fermenting the whole plant (stems, leaves and roots). The material was wild harvested and no herbicides or pesticides used.

Kanna was prepared by the Khoi and San peoples of Southern Africa as a stimulating chewing material, for mood elevation and for its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. It is chewed, smoked or taken as a tea for its effects.

Kanna info at Erowid, please click here.

Traditionally, the effects from oral ingestion were; Mild: 50 – 300mg. Medium: 300 – 600mg. Strong: 600 – 800mg.

Traditionally, the effects from smoking Kanna were; Mild: 50 – 100mg. Medium: 100 – 200mg. Strong: 200 – 350mg.

100% pure fermented Sceletium tortuosum



9 reviews for Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum)

  1. Tyson

    Great if youre working and cant stop to eat just put some of this in your mouth, can definitely feel it working.

  2. Danny D

    Great company to do business with. Very quick processing and postage. This Kanna is a high quality product, grown right here in the land of OZ. So many positive uses: try it as a mood enhancer, as an appetite suppresant, it works as a stimulator-and a sedator; how about trying it as a potentiator! So little does so much…

  3. Michael T

    I added a pinch of this to my smoking mix (as I’m currently giving up the cigarettes) and it gave me a very subtle ‘up’ feeling perkiness.

    Mellowed me out a bit!

  4. Eric K

    Really pleased with the product and the service. It’s a happy herb that was delivered quickly. Great job, many thanks.

  5. Simon

    Had a great night after insufalllating a descent pinch through each nostril, with a few drinks. Also great in a mix!

  6. Marcus R

    Far surpasses Kanna I have bio essayed from…..another Australian Ethno Botanical supplier called Shaman Australis (theres was gunk), Herbalistics kanna has a beautiful earthy smell, fantastic product all in all. A very good representation of what I imagine traditionally prepared Kanna/Kougoed should be.

  7. Seth

    Recieved my order very quickly! Fantastic mood enhancer when added to a mix, powerful enough to overdo it when insufflated, so go easy….Very well prepared. Great people to do business with!

  8. jackson

    Great product. Delivery was extremely fast (the next day) w/ the express post. Many thanks, Herbalistics

  9. Steve B

    So far, with a few vodkas under my belt, this is hitting the spot nicely. Ironically, after insuflation, I tipped the remnants into my glass, and the mixer effervesced all over my table. lol, even gave my mixer a hefty buzz !!

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