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Ipomoea abrupta – Native Yam (plant)

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Ipomoea abrupta is native to Northern Australia, ours was originally collected in the NT. Ipomoea abrupta was utilised by Aboriginals as a food source, the plant has large underground tubers that were roasted in ashes and coals then eaten. Perrenial climber/scrambling vine rooting from nodes when it touches the ground, the vine is deciduous in southern areas/dry season. Beautiful scented flowers Nov-Mar. We are using Ipomoea abrupta for interspecific breeding and have a number of hybrids we are assessing.

Care and Cultivation of Ipomoea abrupta

Ipomoea abrupta likes adequate water over the growing season (ie. once it shoots and has leaves and active growth) and a full-sun to part-shade position in well drained soil. Extremely tolerant of dry and hot conditions. Treat Ipomoea abrupta plants similar to cacti in cooler parts of the year (late autumn – mid spring) and limit or abstain from watering as you will encounter rot problems. Ipomoea abrupta plants have a good water storing tuber so can survive very long periods with no water.

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