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Hydnophytum moseleyanum – Ant Plant (plant)

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Hydnophytum moseleyanum is a member of the Rubiaceae family native to Cape York, PNG and Melanesia. An epiphyte that provides hollow tubes and chambers within its swollen trunk that is accomodation for various species of ants that protect the plant and the plant also benefits by using their waste as fertiliser. These plants can be grown successfully in orchid mix. They produce small white flowers in late summer or when conditions are suitable and these are followed by a single red fruit containing one seed.

Care and Cultivation of Hydnophytum moseleyanum

We grow our Hydnophytum moseleyanum seedlings in a blend of coarse coco fibre with added sand and potting mix, just a little. Keep moist. Likes high humidity, can be kept indoors. Fertilise regularly if no ants are about. Part shade.

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