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Garcinia intermedia – Achachairu (plant)


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The fast-growing tree Garcinia intermedia reaches a height of about 5 meters. It is tolerant of a wide range of soils, up to an altitude of around 4000 feet. It can be grown successfully and will fruit in a large pot. It grows best with regular water in full sun in a humid environment. It tolerates high temperatures but is probably not frost hardy. It has small, whitish flowers which are perfect and makes an attractive ornamental tree, especially when in fruit, which may be year round. Its leaves are opposite.(Wikipedia).

The tree may fruit after as little as two years. The fruits are smooth spheres about an inch in diameter with a thin yellow, orange or red rind around a white pulp. They are edible and have an appealing sweet and sour taste. The longer you can leave them on the tree, the sweeter they become. They will transition from green through yellow to an orange, which is the best time to pick.

Care and Cultivation of Garcinia intermedia

Garcinia intermedia is a a beautiful and relatively hardy fruit tree for most subtropical and tropical gardens. Further south it may be kept in a pot and brought inside over the cooler months. Garcinia intermedia likes a moist and well drained soil with regular applications of complete fertiliser throughout the growing season.

1 plant (seed grown, approx. 1-2 years old 80-150mm tall)

1 review for Garcinia intermedia – Achachairu (plant)

  1. harrison s

    Came in great health, a lovely plant

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