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Eragrostis tef – Teff (seed)

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Teff is native to Ethiopia and is thought to be one of the oldest domesticated agricultural species in the world. It’s a great fast growing little grain that is growing in popularity as an alternative to quinoa, rice, etc. The tiny seeds are about the size of a poppy seed.

Eragrostis tef has an attractive nutrition profile, being high in dietary fibre and iron and providing protein and calcium. It is similar to millet and quinoa in cooking, but the seed is much smaller and cooks faster, thus using less fuel. It is gluten free. It is used for eating, baking and making beer. It is used for making a flatbread called injera, which is often used as a plate to hold other food and then eaten. Info at Wikipedia.

Care and Cultivation of Eragrostis tef

Plant Eragrostis tef seeds directly into a good seed raising mix in full sun or direct sow into garden. Barely cover the tiny seeds.Keep moist until germination. Does well in poor soils with rainfall between 300-1000mm per annum but also in areas of high rainfall.

50+ seeds per packet


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