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Entada phaseoloides – Matchbox Bean (seed)


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A vigorous climber native to North QLD and pacific countries. Also called Gogo Vine (I prefer this name). The seeds are 5-7cm diameter and 1cm thick, they have a hard coat and this enables them to survive for many years at sea, washing around with the current before being washed up on beaches. For this reason they are also more generally known as Sea Beans, which include seeds from other genera such as Mucuna, Ipomoea and Canavalia. They are made into necklaces and jewellery, the common name of Matchbox Bean refers to their use many years ago as a matchbox.

Care and Cultivation

Seed coat needs to be nicked to promote germination. Use a bastard file or rasp to file back seed coat until the white seed testa is exposed. Soak seed overnight or plant directly into a good seed raising mix. Plant 2.5 – 5cm under the surface of a well drained mix in full sun. Keep moist until germination. Keep warm until germination.

1 seed per packet (they’re so big!)


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