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Duboisia hopwoodii – Pituri (plant)

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Duboisia hopwoodii is a member of the Solanaceae family, native to most inland areas of all states and territories of Australia, except Tasmania and the ACT. Aboriginal tribes traded the dried leaves of this species over great distances before white settlement, being highly valued as a narcotic, stimulant. The definitive Australian psychoactive plant species. Common names include pituri, pitchiri, pitcheri, bedjeri, emu bush, emu poison, etc.

The leaves of Duboisia hopwoodii can contain nicotine, nor-nicotine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine, all in varying concentrations depending on the chemotype, this varies from state to state.

Care and Cultivation of Duboisia hopwoodii

Duboisia hopwoodii likes a full sun position with well drained soil; a highly inorganic soil mix is best, indeed it is necessary, to successfully grow this species. A potting mix based on washed sand, pumice, charcoal, perlite and a small amount of coco fibre (10%) is pretty much what we have used to successfully raise and grow Pituri. Likes a lot of root space, roots tend to head straight to the bottom of the pot very quickly. For advanced gardeners. Flowers in spring. Dislikes high humidity. Can be grafted to other Duboisia species. Likely pollinated by ant or fly species.

1 plant (Western Australian provenance)


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