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Dinosperma erythrococcum – Tingletongue (plant)

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Dinosperma erythrococcum is a member of the Rutaceae family, native to QLD and NSW, usually in drier rainforest. Can grow to 20 metres tall.

The common name Tingletongue refers to the tingling sensation when a small piece of leaf or bark is chewed, reminiscent of Spilanthes, except it is more fragrant and more intense. Also a food source for larval stages of the Orchard Butterfly.

Dinosperma erythrococcum gave leaf oil with four different forms being detected, all of which were either mono- or sesquiterpenoid in nature (Brophy et al, 2004). Some papers indicate novel and insecticidal isobutylamides present in Dinosperma erythrococcum. Isobutylamides are also present in Echinacea species which also gives a tingling effect when a piece of root or flower is chewed.

Care and Cultivation of Dinosperma erythrococcum

Dinosperma erythrococcum likes a full sun to part shade position and adequate moisture for regular growth. Drought tolerant and quite hardy once established.

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3 reviews for Dinosperma erythrococcum – Tingletongue (plant)

  1. Jason C

    Received a very healthy looking plant, very well established root system. Great service as usual.

  2. polliepiece

    Great service and plant. Very happy. Thanks 🙂

  3. Rebecca S

    A year later this plant is doing really well.
    It hasn’t needed a lot of care (Sydney), even though I’ve got it in a pot still.
    New growth is a pretty light pink.

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