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Datura metel cv. Wondrous Bella (seed)


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Datura metel is thought to have originated in India but has spread all around the world due to its use as a drug, medicine and ornamental species. An annual/biennial plant, Datura metel has scented single,double or triple purple/white flowers which are followed by slightly bumpy, round seed pods. These break apart upon maturity to release the seeds which have a whitish attachment known as an elaiosome (a piece of nutrient rich tissue which attracts ants to aid in seed dispersal). The soft green leaves have a foetid smell when touched and the plant can reach a height of 2 metres. Solanaceae family.

An attractive hybrid produced by renowned Australian Datura grower Jeff, Wondrous Bella is a hardy and reliable flowering ornamental.

Like all Daturas, this species is considered poisonous due to the hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids it contains. D. metel has the highest concentration of scopolamine of all Datura species (Ratsch 1998); also present are hyoscyamine, atropine and meteloidine. The leaves contain 0.5% alkaloids, the flowers 0.1 – 0.8%, the fruit 0.12%, the roots 0.1 – 0.2% and the seeds 0.2 – 0.5%.

Care and Cultivation of Datura metel

Seed can be sown in spring/summer/autumn. Sow 3-5mm under the surface of a well drained seed raising mix. This species responds well to GA3 treatment (mix as instructed and soak overnight before rinsing and planting as per instructions). Does not mind being transplanted. Prefers a full sun and well-drained position. Fertilise regularly over the growing season to encourage flowers.

If no germinations after 3 weeks, try letting the soil dry out, disturb and dig the soil surface, pat back down and then start watering again. This should stimulate a number of germinations. You can repeat as needed.

10 seeds per packet

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