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Medicinal, culinary and unusual botanicals from Australia and around the world

Commiphora africana – Wild Myrhh (plant)

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One of the species of Commiphora that is used as incense (myrhh). The wood is also fire and termite resistant. The roots smell like carrot!

Food: Roots of young plants are juicy with a mildly sweet taste and can be chewed. The gum is also eaten; the bark is brewed to make a red tea. Fodder: The leaves are browsed by livestock, especially camels and goats, at the end of the dry season when the tree comes into leaf. C. africana is of outstanding importance for many nomadic herdsmen in the northern parts of the Sahel. Timber: Wood is used for house building, headrests, stools, milk containers and wooden spoons. Stems are utilized as toothbrushes. Medicine: Fruits are chewed or pounded and used against toothache and diseases of the gum. Gum or resin: Gum extracted from the stem is used in making arrows. Taken from FAO link below.

More info on Commiphora africana here

Care and Cultivation of Commiphora africana

Commiphora africana likes a full sun position and well-drained soil. Will respond well to regular watering over the warmer months. Deciduous in most areas over winter, keep a lot drier in winter.

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