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Citrus sphaerocarpa – Kabosu (plant) QLD ONLY!

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Another relative of Yuzu, Kabosu is a medium-sized fruit, and its plentiful juice and thick rind have a wonderful forest-like fragrance and woody flavour. One of the most versatile of Japan’s native tart citrus, its rind and juice can be used to season all kinds of foods: fresh and cooked, light and rich, land and sea. Available in large bottles, Kabosu juice is great to have in the kitchen for daily use.

Season: September – November
Prime Location: Oita Prefecture (From Oishisojapan)

Care and Cultivation of Citrus sphaerocarpa

Kabosu likes a full sun to part shade position with adequate moisture and regular fertiliser, just like other Citrus. Easy to care for and drought hardy once established. Keep pruned to desired shape and height. Good cold tolerance.

1 seed grown plant approx 1-2 years old. Shipped within Queensland only, Citrus Tristeza Virus restrictions, see here)



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