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Citrus sudachi – Sudachi (plant) QLD ONLY!

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Sudachi (Citrus sudachi; Japanese: すだち or 酢橘) is a small, round, green citrus fruit of Japanese origin that is a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture in Japan. It is a sour citrus, not eaten as fruit, but used as food flavoring in place of lemon or lime. Genetic analysis shows it to be the product of a cross between a yuzu and another citrus akin to the koji and tachibana orange.

Cultivated for centuries in parts of Japan, and perhaps nearly as well known as the yuzu in that country, it has been considered an “indispensable companion” to eating matsutake mushroom. The ponzu (ポン酢, “pon vinegar”), the squeezed citrus juice used as an alternative to vinegar uses sudachi among other bitter oranges (kabosu or yuzu juices, and daidai) as an ingredient.

The sour sudachi is not consumed as whole fruit, but normally squeezed like a lemon or lime to flavor food. A half-slice of this fruit is served as garnish with many traditional Japanese dishes which include fish, soba, udon, nabe, and even some alcoholic beverages. It is considered to have a zestier flavor and aroma than lemons or limes. It also boasts a higher calcium and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content than lemons. Sudachi flavoured products (such as ice cream, vodka coolers, ice pops, and soft drinks) can also be found in Japan, particularly in Tokushima Prefecture, where the fruit is sold cheaply. The actual fruit is regarded as a delicacy in other parts of Japan, and is often expensive. Compared to the related kabosu, sudachi is much smaller at 20-25 to 40 grams as compared to 100 to 140 grams. From Wikipedia.

Care and Cultivation of Citrus sudachi

Citrus sudachi likes a full sun to part shade position with adequate moisture and regular fertiliser, just like other Citrus. Easy to care for and drought hardy once established. Keep pruned to desired shape and height. Good cold tolerance.

1 seed grown plant. Shipped within Queensland only, Citrus Tristeza Virus  restrictions, see here)


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