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Citrus glauca – Desert Lime (seed)

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Desert Limes are an Australian native Citrus, naturally found in the arid inland areas of Australia. Citrus glauca is small shrub up to 2m tall with long thorns on the lower branches to discourage browsing by herbivores. These thorns also photosynthesise; in drought the leaves can drop off to conserve water. Above 1.5m the tops are generally thorn free. Once your tree grows out of the juvenile phase you will see a rapid change to thorn free growth.

Small intensely flavoured fruit suitable for chutneys/pickling/jams etc but can also be eaten whole, just like a kumquat, as the skin is quite thin. Inside the small 1-2cm round-elliptical shaped fruit are small round vesicles like fingerlime (Citrus australasica).

Care and Cultivation of Citrus glauca

Soak Citrus glauca seeds in water overnight before sowing to allow them to hydrate fully. If you can manage, it is preferable to peel the outer skin from the seeds for better and faster germination, but this can be tricky without a microscope and tweezers (there are two layers, its best not to peel the 2nd layer as this holds the cotyledons together).

Sow Citrus glauca seeds under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix and keep moist until germination in 14-28 days. Citrus glauca likes a full sun to part shade position with adequate moisture and regular fertiliser, just like normal Citrus. Easy to care for and extremely drought hardy once established. Also appears to be somewhat flood tolerant! Like most fruit trees, seedlings should bear fruit in 5-7 years.

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