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Cereus peruvianus – Peruvian Apple Cactus (seed)

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This genus was among the first in cacti cultivation and are still one of the most commonly grown cacti. A large species, Cereus peruvianus can grow up to approximately 5 metres tall.

Large showy flowers are followed (following successful pollination) by red edible fruit. Fruit splits shortly after ripening to attracts birds and animals to disperse the seeds, which is one factor limiting commercial growing. It has a texture similar to Dragon Fruit, but with less of the musky/fragrant taste. This species needs cross-pollination to produce fruit, one reason to grow it from seed.

Care and Cultivation of Cereus peruvianus

We now use the Takeaway Tek for germinating most cacti seeds. Click here to view the Takeaway Tek. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

Cereus peruvianus seeds should be sown just under the surface of a good quality cacti and succulent mix. Cover pot with plastic wrapping to keep humidity high. Seeds will germinate in one to three weeks. Keep in part shade until germination. Seedlings can be slowly uncovered and adjusted to increasing sunlight over the weeks.

25 seeds per packet


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