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Capsicum sp. ‘Aji Trompito’ (seed)

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Capsicum sp. ‘Aji Trompito’ is an interesting variety of chilli direct from Bolivia. This chilli appears to be a Capsicum chinense (Habanero), having purple anthers and interestingly, it has the trademark Habanero flavour with citrus tones, but with minimal heat. Excellent disease and pest resistance. It bears fruit underneath the canopy from 3-5cm in length and 2cm width. The chillies are excellent chopped up whole and sprinkled as a garnish or added to the pan.

Care and Cultivation

Aji Trompito seeds should be sown just under the surface of a good quality potting mix, keep moist until germination. Sow seeds in spring/summer or autumn in warmer areas. Seeds germinate in 4-6 weeks, longer than other species of chillies. Prefers full to part sun and adequate moisture. Perennial in most areas.

15 seeds per packet

1 review for Capsicum sp. ‘Aji Trompito’ (seed)

  1. cityliving12

    75 per came up and are doing well!

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