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Capsicum pubescens ‘Red Rocoto’ (seed)

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Capsicum pubescens is a species of chilli that is originally from Bolivia. Probably domesticated 6000 BC, this was the main chilli species used by the Incas for flavouring their drinks and meals. The only species that does not cross-pollinate with the other main species, though it may with wild species such as C. galapagoense. It has attractive purple flowers which are followed by 3-4cm diameter apple-shaped fruit which turn red on maturity. It has a thick, fleshy fruit with black seeds. Rated 6-7 on the heat scale. This fruit tyupe also call Red Manzano.

Care and Cultivation of Capsicum pubescens ‘Red Rocoto’

Red Rocoto is adapted to the cooler highlands of tropical countries. Growing season is approx. 120 days. Will take full sun to part-shade. Sow seed in spring/summer. Tolerant of light frost. They grow well in sub-tropical and temperate areas and we grow ours best in winter/spring on the Sunshine Coast.

10 seeds per packet


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