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Capsicum lanceolatum (seed)

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Capsicum lanceolatum is chilli species native to Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras, where it inhabited moist, humid cloud forest at 1200-1800m ASL. It was thought to be extinct until its rediscovery in 1991. Lance shaped leaves from which the specific name derives, it has pendulous green fruit turning red on maturity with thin flesh and many black seeds. The fruit has no heat. It can be turned into a good bonsai and may be useful in chilli breeding programs. A fascinating species worth growing for its rarity.

Care and Cultivation of Capsicum lanceolatum

Sow Capsicum lanceolatum seeds just under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix. Germination occurs in 7-21 days. Capsicum lanceolatum prefers a full to part sun position and adequate moisture. Perennial in most areas. Fertilise regularly over growth season. Treat Capsicum lanceolatum like other chilli plants.

10 seeds per packet


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