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Capsicum galapagoense – Galapagos Island Chilli (plant)

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Capsicum galapagoense is a rare chilli species endemic to the Galapagos Islands off the coast Ecuador. It is thought to have been brought to the islands by birds where it has evolved to its current form.

Hairy stems and leaves with small white flowers followed by BB sized green chillies which turn red on maturity. A very ornamental species worth growing for its rarity. Extremely pungent chilli (7-8 heat).

Care and Cultivation of Capsicum galapagoense

Capsicum galapagoense prefers full to part sun and adequate moisture. Perennial in most areas. Fertilise regularly over growth season. Treat like other chilli plants. Trim back once a year to encourage new growth.

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1 review for Capsicum galapagoense – Galapagos Island Chilli (plant)

  1. mail32

    Very cute little chilli. I’ve abused it by accident with not enough watering but still it continues to push on and grow. 2nd year with me now, but no fruit so far – it had some severe set backs with bugs a couple of times and I thought it died twice… but it keeps going. A gentle little thing, looking forward to hopefully some fruit this year.

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