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Brassica oleracea – Purple Cauliflower (seed)


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Cauliflower is one of several vegetables in the species Brassica oleracea, in the family Brassicaceae. It is an annual plant that reproduces by seed. Typically, only the head (the white curd) is eaten. The cauliflower head is composed of a white inflorescence meristem. Cauliflower heads resemble those in broccoli, which differs in having flower buds. The purple colour in this cauliflower is caused by the presence of the antioxidant group anthocyanins, which can also be found in red cabbage and red wine. Varieties include ‘Graffiti’ and ‘Purple Cape’.

A great tasting purple cauliflower that tastes more like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower when steamed.

Care and Cultivation of Brassica oleracea ‘Purple Cauliflower’

Seed can be sown in spring/summer/autumn depending on your climate. Either sow directly in the garden or in punnets. Sow seeds just under the surface of a good seed raising mix and keep moist until germination in 1-2 weeks. Plant out when large enough. 30cm spacing.

30+ seeds per packet


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