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Brachychiton populous ssp. trilobus – Kurrajong (plant)

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The species Brachychiton populneus has two subspecies that differ in adult leaf shape. Subspecies trilobus has a more northerly and inland distribution and displays leaves with 3, sometimes 5, narrow lobes.

Ground-up seeds can be brewed into a coffee substitute or added to bread. The swollen, carrot-like taproot is a nutritious and agreeable vegetable and the gum exudate is also edible. Kurrajong fibre taken from the stem has been used in twine and netting manufacture.

Trees are typically stout with glossy-green foliage and are widely used as street trees in Australia and overseas. Native populations on agricultural land are often retained to provide dense shade and drought fodder. Leaves lopped from branches are nutritious and desirable to stock, however consumption of the fruit may cause illness. The deep rooting trees have minimal impacts on cropping and also support honey production. Taken from the ANBG website.

Can also be trained as a succulent bonsai due to the large tuber it develops from an early age.

Care and Cultivation of Brachychiton populneus ssp. trilobus

A drought tolerant, beautiful and hardy species suitable for most gardens.

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