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Banisteriopsis muricata – Red Ayahuasca (plant)

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A member of the Malpighiaceae family, Banisteriopsis muricata is called ‘ayahuasca de los brujos’ or ‘ayahuasca of the sorcerers’ in Peru. It is reported to contain beta carbolines in the stem and DMT in the leaves (Ratsch 1998). A mysterious, beautiful and ornamental vine.

One report I found discussing this vine on a forum: ‘I like to designate Banisteriopsis muricata as red vine and it makes a deep red brew. The effect of muricata is extremely similar to that of Banisteriopsis Caapi.’

Care and Cultivation of Banisteriopsis muricata

Banisteriopsis muricata likes rich and moist soil in part shade to full sun. It is frost and drought sensitive. Likes a lot of root space. Fertilise well over the growing season. We find this vine to be relatively vigorous and easy to care for; it is a highly ornamental vine with silver hairs on the abaxial (lower) leaf surface giving it a shimmering metallic look.

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