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Argyreia wallichii – Tibetan Woodrose (plant)


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Argyreia wallichii or the Tibetan Woodrose, is native to China, Bhutan, NE India, Myanmar, Sikkim and N Thailand.

One paper lists its uses in Northern Thailand as ‘Bark stripped and wrapped around painful legs. Whole plant boiled and liquid drunk by new mothers to help their milk flow.’ Another paper on ethnobotany of a tribe in China I found also mentions that a tea of the plant acts as a lactation stimulant.

Care and Cultivation of Argyreia wallichii

Argyreia wallichii is a large vine in tropical and subtropical conditions which has large heart-shaped leaves, pink-purple flowers followed by a succulent and edible yellow berry when ripe. Likes adequate water and a full-sun to part-shade position in well drained soil.

Typically will grow well in subtropical and tropical zones. Covers a fence nicely and is relatively tolerant of dry conditions once established.

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