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Argyreia hookeri – Hookers Woodrose (plant)


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Argyreia hookeri, Hooker’s Woodrose, is found in Eastern Himalayas, from Nepal to Bhutan, at altitudes of 800-2300 m. It is also found in Western Ghats and flowers August-September.

Chemical Data: Simple pyrrolidine alkaloids (epigeal vegetative parts): hygrine, cuscohygrine, propylhygrines, phygrine. # Simple tropane alkaloids (epigeal vegetative parts): tropan-3-one (= tropinone), 3a-hydroxytropane ( = tropine). # Nicotinoids (epigeal vegetative parts): Nicotine. # Calystegines (leaves): B1, B4, C1. # ß-Carboline alkaloids (epigeal vegetative parts): harman, norharmane. # Ergoline alkaloids (seeds): chanoclavine-I, elymoclavine, lysergic acid amide (= ergine). Taken from the Convolvulaceae Unlimited website.

Care and Cultivation of Argyreia hookeri

Argyreia hookeri is a large vine in tropical and subtropical conditions which has large heart-shaped leaves, pink-purple flowers followed by a succulent and edible yellow berry when ripe. Likes adequate water and a full-sun to part-shade position in well drained soil.

Typically will grow well in subtropical and tropical zones. Covers a fence nicely and is relatively tolerant of dry conditions once established.

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