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Anthocercis ilicifolia – Holly Leaf Tailflower (seed)

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Anthocercis ilicifolia is a member of the Solanaceae family, native to coastal regions of WA. A beautiful and hardy native from 0.5 – 3m tall with good horticultural potential.

The major alkaloid of both Anthocercis viscosa. and A. fasciculata  has been identified as hyoscyamine. A trace of the same partly racemic base has been isolated from A. littorea, together with meteloidine, but the major alkaloid present in this species is littorine which has been shown to be R(-)-3α-(2-hydroxy-3-phenylpropionyloxy)tropane (The tropane alkaloids from three Western Australian Anthocercis species. Cannon et al. Aust. Journal of Chem. 22(1) 221 – 227 . 1969.)

Anthocercis is known as the only Solanaceous plant known to produce resin compounds on glandular trichomes. Some species of Anthocercis have been reported to hybridise with Duboisia spp.

Care and Cultivation of Anthocercis ilicifolia

Anthocercis ilicifolia seeds require smoke treatment for accelerated germination. Sow in spring or in warm conditions, just below the surface of a well drained seed raising mix. Keep moist and germination should start from 21 days onward. Full-sun. Very drought hardy.

25+ seeds per packet


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