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Amaranthus sp. – Grain Amaranth (seed)

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Amaranth has been cultivated as a grain for 8,000 years. The yield of grain amaranth is comparable to rice or maize. It was a staple food of the Aztecs, and was used as an integral part of Aztec religious ceremonies. The cultivation of amaranth was banned by the conquistadores upon their conquest of the Aztec nation. Because the plant has continued to grow as a weed since that time, its genetic base has been largely maintained. Much of the grain currently grown is sold in health food shops. Info at Wikipedia.

The seeds are high in protein, over 18%, but need to be cooked for the nutrition to be absorbed by the human digestive system. It is gluten free. The seed can be boiled or popped.

Grain Amaranth is generally grown from three species and many potential hybrids and cultivars of Amaranthus caudatus, A. hypocondriacus and A. cruentus.

Care and Cultivation of Amaranthus

Sow Amaranthus seed in spring/summer or all year round in warm climates. Full-sun. Well-drained rich soil will give large plants with many flower heads.

50+ seeds per packet


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