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Adansonia rubrostipa – Fony Baobab (plant)


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Adansonia rubrostipa, commonly known as Fony Baobab is one of the nine species of baobab identified to date, and one of the six indigenous to Madagascar, within the family Malvaceae. This tree is endemic to western Madagascar and occurs in the Madagascar dry deciduous forests.This species occurs in dry deciduous forest, spiny forest and sublittoral scrub, growing on well-drained limestone and calcareous soils. Like most baobabs, the fony baobab is found in lowland areas, up to elevations of around 500 metres.

The fony baobab has a wide distribution and is not currently considered at high risk of extinction. The species is not logged for its timber, although it does provide various non-timber products, including edible fruits, seeds and roots, and sheets of wood from fire-killed trees, which are used as thatch. The fruits of the fony baobab are traditionally collected by hammering wooden pegs into the trunk, in order to climb the tree, and these baobabs are also sometimes felled to encourage a popular edible fungus to grow on the rotting wood. However, these forms of utilisation do not occur extensively across Madagascar, and are not likely to pose a significant risk to the species at present ( More info click here.

Care and Cultivation of Adansonia rubrostipa

Adansonia rubrostipa is a drought tolerant, beautiful and hardy species suitable for most gardens from the subtropical zones northwards. Can be kept dry over winter in colder zones and makes a great succulent bonsai. Generally 4-5m tall but can reach 20m. Requires excellent and sharp drainage.

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