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Adansonia digitata – Baobab (plant)

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Adansonia digitata, the baobab, is the most widespread tree species of the genus Adansonia, the baobabs, and is native to the African continent. The long-lived pachycauls are typically found in dry, hot savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa, where they dominate the landscape, and reveal the presence of a watercourse from afar. Their growth rate is determined by ground water or rainfall, and their maximum age, which is subject to much conjecture, seems to be in the order of 1,500 years. They have traditionally been valued as sources of food, water, health remedies or places of shelter and are steeped in legend and superstition (from Wikipedia). Photo by Ferdinand Reus from Arnhem, Holland.

Care and Cultivation of Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata is a drought tolerant, beautiful and hardy species suitable for most gardens from the subtropical zones northwards. Can be kept dry over winter in colder zones and makes a great succulent bonsai.

1 plant (generally 120-250mm tall)


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