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Acacia victoriae – Bramble Wattle (seed)

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Acacia victoriae is a shrub/tree from 2 – 5 metres tall. Widespread in all mainland states except Victoria, where it occurs only near Mildura and in The Sunset Country. Native to arid and subtropical areas in a variety of habitats, but commonly in clay or loam on alluvial flats. World Wide Wattle info.

A useful stock food plant in times of drought, Bramble Wattle seeds are the most widely used for the bush tucker industry in Australia. Roasted and ground wattle seed is widely used in cooking for adding a caramel/roasted nut flavour to deserts etc. Acacia victoriae is also a good windbreak and useful for soil stabilisation.

Preliminary TLC performed on this species showed good banding for dialkyltryptamines in the aerial parts of the plant and a 5-Methoxy-alkyltryptamine in the roots.

Care and Cultivation of Acacia victoriae

Scarification is required for Acacia victoriae. Pour just boiled water over the seeds and allow to soak for a few hours to overnight. Plant 5mm under the surface of a well drained seed raising mix in full sun. Keep moist until germination. Acacia victoriae prefers a loam/gravel/sandy soil. Well drained soil, fast growing and hardy. Likes a full sun position and is tolerant of dry conditions once established.

25 seeds per packet


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