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Acacia kettlewelliae – Buffalo Wattle (plant)

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Acacia kettlewelliae occurs in the Great Dividing Range from the Southern Tablelands in New South Wales through to Mt Buffalo. Mostly in high-altitude montane forest, but also growing on lower slopes and near streams.

Acacia kettlewelliae is a bushy shrub or tree, usually 2–10 m high; branchlets angled at extremities, glabrous. Phyllodes on raised stem projections, narrowly elliptic to narrowly oblanceolate, usually 4–10 cm long and 3–10 mm wide. Hybridises with A. pravissima and reported to hybridise with Acacia phlebophylla (Flora of Victoria).

Acacia kettlewelliae is reported to contain β-Phenethylamine.

Care and Cultivation of Acacia kettlewelliae

Buffalo Wattle can grow to 2-10 metres tall. Likes a full sun position with well drained soil and adequate water for the first year or two. Drought tolerant once established.

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