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Acacia courtii – Three Brothers Wattle (plant)


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Acacia courtii is also called North Brother or Northern Brother Wattle. I think Three Brothers Wattle is more apt as it occurs in localities on all three of the Brothers Mountain at Laurieton NSW; Middle, South and North Brother Mountains.

Tree to 20 m high. Branchlets pendulous, slender, brittle. Stipules caducous, deltate, less than 0.5 mm long. Phyllodes linear, commonly straight, 5–18 cm. long, 5–12 mm wide, hooked, flexible, mostly glaucous, with several veins, one often prominent, anastomoses of smaller veins few to numerous; gland minute, basal; pulvinus present. Inflorescences with peduncles 3–5 mm long; spikes paired or solitary, 3–6.5 cm long; bracteoles stipitate, spathulate, concave, 0.7 mm long. Flowers loosely packed, 4-merous; sepals united. Pods linear, usually straight, woody. Seeds oblong-elliptic, 5.5–7.8 mm long, shiny, brown; funicle filiform, folded 4–8 times; aril small, more or less oblique.

Very restricted in distribution and found only in three localities in coastal ranges near Laurieton, NSW, where it occurs principally on rocky hillsides in dry forests and woodlands. Flowers Nov–Jan and fruits during Nov.

Distinguished from A. longifolia by its conspicuous pendulous foliage and its very pale flowers and from all species in the ‘A. longifolia group’ by its very brittle stems. (from World Wide Wattle website)

Reported to contain up to 0.4-1% DMT in the bark and slightly more in the leaves (1-1.2%).

Care and Cultivation of Acacia courtii

Acacia courtii prefers a well-drained sandy/gravel soil. Fast growing and hardy. Likes a full sun position. Does best in the ground. Extremely drought hardy.

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1 review for Acacia courtii – Three Brothers Wattle (plant)

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    Michael J

    Really well suited to Sydney climate. Healthy, robust plants.

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