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New Psychotria Hybrids

New Psychotria hybrids

Last summer I had the chance to cross pollinate some different Psychotria viridis varieties with our Nexus hybrid. Several of them took and the fruit were left to ripen (3-6 months). Each fruit contains two seeds. All seeds were collected and processed then sown according to their cross (ie. Nexus x P. viridis ‘Shipibo’) and not as the two seeds of each fruit. A percentage germinate and a smaller percentage survive through until the seedling stage. 9 seedlings survived, 4 Nexus x Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’ and 5 Nexus x Psychotria viridis ‘Shipibo’. Plants will be released for sale as they mature and leaf propagation material becomes available.

Psychotria hybrids

DW04 = Nexus x Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’ and DW05 = Nexus x Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’. Notice the variation in leaf shape already.


Psychotria hybrids

The list of our Psychotria breeding so far.


Psychotria hybrids

Nexus x Psychotria viridis. A backcross of Nexus to one of its parents.


Psychotria hybrids

Nexus x Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’ seedling. Typical lanceolate leaves of the UDV cultivar.

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