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Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii – vegetative propagation

Hoodia gordonii – vegetative propagation.

1. It is much easier to use the small side branches that appear on the main stem with age, the larger stems are harder but can be done.

2. Cut them off where they join the main stem, this is so the size of the cut is minimised, one reason why some cuttings fail more than others.

3. Let them dry off for 1-3 days, but before they start to shrink and dehydrate. When they are cut off a clear sap will start to flow, you will need to let this dry off a bit.

     3.1 Alternatively you can put them straight into pots but don’t water for 3 days. Use a sharp draining mix; we use coco peat: sand: perlite: pumice.

4. Keep them moist (as long as it is warm).

5. You will see they have taken when new growth of the tip is observed.

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