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Trachymene incisa

Growing Trachymene incisa (Native Parsnip)

Trachymene incisa is one of those rarer bushfoods; one that has a pretty agreeable flavour and would actually require only a short domestication for it to become a good addition to the vegetable garden. It can also be grown as either an annual, biennial or perennial, the tuber size will become larger but woodier with each passing season.

Trachymene incisa is a member of the Apiaceae family, native to subtropical and temperate parts of the Australian east coast. Growing in colonies on sandy and low fertility coastal heath soils and rocky outcrop country. Locally common where it does occur. There’s also a few other Trachymene species in Australia, one I’d like to check out is Trachymene anisocarpa which occurs on the Gold Coast QLD, in WA, NSW, VIC and SA.

Trachymene incisa seed germination
Trachymene incisa seed germination

Ok so I was experimenting with last seasons seed so I added some smoke treatment granules on top on the seeds and watered them in. You barely want to cover the seeds as they are pretty small. 2-3 weeks later and boom, some good germination. Seed was under 50% shade for germination and for the first 2 weeks of growth. After that I moved them to a more full sun location as they are used to growing in really bright heath environments and I was worried about damping off. Didn’t happen though. So smoke treatment is a great way to get excellent germination for this species and I hope it becomes more widely grown.

Trachymene incisa seed germination
Trachymene incisa seedlings about 1 month old and just starting to get true leaves.
Trachymene incisa
A handful of Native Parsnip plants
Trachymene incisa
A good looking root

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