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Tabernanthe iboga - grafted

Grafting Tabernanthe iboga (Iboga, Ibogaine Plant)

Tabernanthe iboga is a member of the Apocynaceae family. Many species in this family, such as Frangipani, Oleander or Allamanda are considered poisonous due to the chemical compounds contained within them. Others such as Voacanga or Tabernanthe are used as stimulants/entheogens or to treat addictions in a medical situation; Tabernanthe iboga. They all exude a white milky latex from cut or broken stems and plant parts.

I discovered a few years ago that Iboga is able to be grafted to Tabernaemontana pandacaqui; Tabernaemontana spp. are closely related to Tabernanthe spp.Tabernaemontana pandacaqui is an Australian native shrub, with its own purported medicinal uses.

Using soft to medium wood growth on both species it was possible to graft them together. Spraying off the milky latex with clean water was necessary to ensure the graft took. The purpose of the graft was to see if i could make it more cold hardy and to produce a supply of fruit for growing new seedlings. 10 years on and it is still grafted, producing a number of fruit every year.


Tabernanthe iboga - grafted
Showing new growth
Tabernanthe iboga - grafted
and flowering!
Grafted Tabernanthe iboga
Still doing well with ripe and unripe fruit dripping

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