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Brugmansia – An Interesting New Cultivar

Brugmansia – an interesting new cultivar

An interesting new Brugmansia seedling we have been waiting to flower has finally done so and it’s certainly an interesting one!

It is a cross of two seedlings from the same fruit; (Brugmansia cv. Fluffy Wuffy Ruffles X (Brugmansia cv. Tantra X Brugmansia cv. Culebra). It is notable as the leaves are thin and narrow like Culebra. Only 5 seedlings out of the cross were narrow leaved, a feature that indicates the flowers may also be like Culebra.

The pictures below show the floral development. Pollen appears to be normal and we have used it to pollinate back to one of the parents. We have also tried to cross it with its parent. The flower is lightly scented.

Hopefully we can release a few new interesting cultivars over the coming years. One breeding aim will be to get some colour into this flower.

An aborted flower bud dissected
The calyx
Calyx opening
Calyx open and waiting for petals to emerge
Anthers showing
Petals almost fully open
Anthers dehiscing
Fully open!
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