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Trichocereus ‘Yoda’ x ‘Melted Wax’ (cactus)




A cross between Trichocereus pachanoi clone ‘Yoda’ and the Trichocereus bridgesii clone ‘Melted Wax’, a semi-monstrose form. Bound to be a popular hybrid.

Care and Cultivation of Trichocereus cactus

Trichocereus cacti are native to regions of Ecuador, Peru and into Bolivia. Other species have a more southern distribution, several as far as Argentina. They dislike high humidity and tend to grow best in the more southern areas of Australia, the best specimens are in Victoria and South Australia. They also do very well in arid and subtropical situations. Use a soil mix like you would for a normal garden plant, ie. not cactus mix. We top dress with 5-7mm gravel. Regular applications of fertiliser and dolomite lime keep growth strong. Water when dry or more frequently, they are pretty adaptable! They can be planted into a well drained part of the garden in full to part sun.

1 cactus seedling (75-150mm)


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