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Solanum melongena – Louisiana Long Green Eggplant (seed)



Solanum melongena is thought to have originated on the Indian Subcontinent. Widely used in cuisine around the world. Some of the original types resembled goose eggs, hence the name.

Louisiana Long Green Eggplant is an heirloom eggplant variety originating in the USA. Excellent, non-bitter 15-20cm green fruit are produced in abundance. Pick early before seed set and if they go yellow (which is the mature colour), keep them for seed.

Care and Cultivation

Plant just under the surface of a well drained seedling mix in full to part sun. Keep moist until germination in 7-14 days. Does best in subtropical areas all year round. Quite a hardy variety and can be very prolific. short lived perennial or best as a biennial.

50+ seeds per packet


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