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Opium Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) 10g




Lactuca species contain mildly narcotic compounds in the latex which exudes from the whole plant when cut or broken. This latex is known as lactucarium when collected and dried. The active constituents are highest when the plant is flowering, which is why we harvest during this time.

Lactucarium was used in the 18th century to adulterate opium and also as a sedative in its own right (it has similar, but non-addictive effects). All Lactuca (Lettuce) species contain lactucarium, the main source being Lactuca virosa (others being Lactuca canadensis and Lactuca serriola). Centuries of breeding has reduced the amount in common garden lettuce (Lactuca sativa).

Traditionally used to relieve rheumatic pain, bronchitis, dry coughs, anxiety, insomnia, neuroses and hyperactivity in children.

10g organic Australian grown dried herb


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