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Gossypium herbaceum – Brown Cotton (seed)



Gossypium herbaceum is a short lived perennial to 1.5 metres. This is the pone of the Gossypium sepecies from which the fibre cotton is produced. Yellow hibiscus flowers are followed by capsules which spilt apart to reveal the seeds which are enveloped in the brown, fluffy cotton. Make your own organic cotton balls and buds!

Care and Cultivation of Cotton

Gossypium herbaceum seed should be sown 0.5-1cm under the surface of a good propagation medium or directly into the garden in spring (or if you can provide warm germination temperatures indoors) at 24-30 degrees Celsius. Likes rich, well-drained soil in full sun. If the seeds arrive still in the cotton, simply separate them with your fingers, pull off as much cotton as you can and then sow as above.

10 seeds per packet


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