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Canavalia papuana – Wild Jack Bean (seed)



Canavalia papuana is a vigorous creeper/low climber native to coastal areas of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. A species of legume that will add nitrogen to the soil by microbial association. The seeds are not noted to be toxic but there are no reports of edibility.

Care and Cultivation of Canavalia papuana

Canavalia papuana seeds should be slightly nicked away from the embryo (the ‘eye’ of the seed) and soaked in water for a few hours to hasten germination; otherwise just sow 1 cm below soil and wait. Sow Canavalia papuana when conditions are warm; above 20 degrees Celsius during the day. Fast growing ground cover tolerant of dry conditions. A great fast growing ground cover with excellent nitrogen fixing qualities. It will climb up trees if they get in the way but it prefers to grow along the ground.

5 seeds per packet


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