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Calendula officinalis – Calendula (seed)



An annual or biennial aromatic herb from the Asteraceae family, native to parts of Europe.

The flowers of Calendula officinalis contain flavonol glycosides, triterpene oligoglycosides, oleanane-type triterpene glycosides, saponins, and a sesquiterpene glucoside. Plant pharmacological studies have suggested that Calendula extracts have anti-viral, anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula in suspension or in tincture is used topically to treat acne, eczema, reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding and soothing irritated tissue More at Wikipedia. Flower petals are also used in salads, mostly for their colour. Extracts are easily made by soaking dried flowers in an oil such as olive or rice bran oil for 2-4 weeks before filtering and using topically for skin conditions.

Care and Cultivation

Calendula officinalis seed can be sown in spring or all year round in warmer climates. Sow seed just under the surface of a good potting mix or directly into the garden and keep moist until germination in 7-14 days.

30+ seeds per packet


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